Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 18:19 Ticketmaster's online sales really suck - you can't use the web site to buy a ticket for a show in NYC if you're not from the US. Fail.
  • 18:21 Recent reads: Soulless. Gail Carriger's alt history steampunk paranormal Victoriana starts a thriller and turns into a snarky romance
  • 18:29 US product names baffle me. Toilet paper called "Sanibel". It's like naming one "Torquay" or "Rock".
  • 18:50 The world needs more concept albums about cricket. Thank you @simonprideny for introducing me to The Duckworth Lewis Method.
  • 19:02 Tried another of @maryjofoley's Midtown recommendations - Rattle N Hum. Great beer, great food, great live music. Oh yes. We will be back.
  • 04:49 Had a nice dose of Cirque De Soleil tonight - Wintuk, the NYC winter theatre show. Some good acts, especially the frost giants. Recommended
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