Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Padmé on the infinite canvas

Darths and Droids uses a bonus strip to show us the miracle that is real roleplaying...

Padmé: I attempt an Overbear Medium-sized Biped (Winged). 9.
Pete: No good. It makes a Grasping Fend. It has you by the shoulder.
Padmé: I try an Elbow Swipe, while going for a Leg Hook to pull him off balance. 13.
Pete: It counters with a Wing Sweep and One-Legged Clinch.
Padmé: I use the Seize and Vice-grip manoeuvre. 16.
Pete: You have it by the ... upper arms, but need to make a Retention roll against Squirming with a -2 for Slimy Skin
In excruciating detail.

And possibly the longest web comic ever.
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