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30th November 2015

pennski @ 11:50am: We had a fabulous holiday!
If you were ever considering a holiday in New Zealand in spring, then I say Go For It!

We had an absolutely wonderful time and only wish we could have stayed there longer.
Highlights include (but are not limited to...)

  • Seeing Keas investigating our suitcases and trying to break into a camper van

  • Visiting Auckland Art gallery - especially the portraits of Maori elders

  • Being overrun by feral lupins near Mount Cook

  • Chris seeing fairy penguins in the wild

  • Both seeing lots of dolphins and a friendly whale

  • Going to Hobbiton and drinking in the Green Dragon inn

  • Going on the LOTR tour round Queenstown with bonus Land Rover/ river fun

  • Panning for gold in the River Arrow (and finding 4 specks!!)

  • Seeing seals hanging out by the side of the road on South Island

  • Listening to a really good busker in "Container town" in Christchurch

  • Having a decadent French/ Vietnamese meal in Wellington

  • Penny watching injured fairy penguins being hand-fed in the Antarctic centre in Christchurch.

  • Going for an evening walk by a lake and finding a bird sanctuary including Kakas.

  • Laughing ourselves silly at the bonkers sheep show in the Agradome.

  • Taking way too many photos of mountains, lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

bart_calendar @ 12:42pm: James Deen Proves Rape Is About Violence And Power And Not Sex
That James Deen has a rape fetish has never been any kind of secret.

That his ex girlfriend, Stoya, also has a rape fetish has also  never been any kind of secret.

So, you have two rape fetishists dating - which means he could role play his fetish to his heart's content.

Therefore, why the hell would he actually rape her, some iditots have asked.

It's simple. He wasn't trying to live out any type of fetish sex with her.

She was becoming more and more powerful in the industry and he wasn't.

In fact, while she was gaining mainstream acceptance to the point of being published in the New York Times, his one mainstream effort, The Canyons, was a gigantic financial disaster.

What way could he try to get his power back and not be the less powerful one in the relationship?

Simple, actually raping her and figuring she woulnd't say jack shit about it.

And, that, is what this is about.

It wasn't that he was horny. It wasn't a mistake during role play.

The mothefucker simply felt insecure and couldn't deal with dating a woman who was becoming more powerful and successful than he was.

So, he took away her sexual choice with him.

In doing so, he demonstrated exactly why rape is about power and violence and not about sex at all.
irregular_comic @ 10:11am: Irregular Webcomic! #1248 Rerun

Comic #1248

By this point in the movie Dr No, James Bond and Honey had changed into bathrobes. But that's hard to do with Lego, and besides, he wouldn't be James Stud without his tuxedo on at all times.

2015-11-30 Rerun commentary: I'm pretty sure that small piece of greenish cloth which you can see used as a bedspread in this scene is a scrap cut from an old T-shirt I used to have. When it started wearing out I repurposed it as a cleaning rag, and also scavenged a small piece for use as LEGO set decorating material.

In the film, James Bond's and Honey's rooms, although separate, have a connecting door. Of course.

supergee @ 5:58am: Sexndope
The Internet is a drug and is bad for the porn biz.

Thanx to Metafilter
supergee @ 5:49am: Old idea is new
Bring back antitrust

Thanx to Metafilter
supergee @ 5:00am: Latest Readings
Clive James refuses to stop enriching our lives just because medical science says he’s supposed to.

Thanx to Arts & Letters Daily
andrewducker @ 9:00am: Anyone know anything about low-level friends-related crowdfunding
A friend of mine wants to raise a small amount of money from family/friends towards getting her husband a lovely gift. It's going to be a few thousand, and she doesn't expect the friends/family to pay for more than a percentage of it, and she's wondering if any of the usual crowdfunding sites are suitable for that.

Looking at Kickstarter/Indiegogo they both charge 5% + 3% for payment handling. Is there anything which might work better?

Are they suitable for "We're buying Bob a car, chip in if you feel like it!" types of things? Or is there a better alternative?

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major_clanger @ 8:46am: The first draft had WALL-E meeting a different robot...
My birthday present from attimes_bracing was the new Lego kit of WALL-E.

I finally got around to building it last weekend (it's quite a complex kit despite its small size, and took about 3 hours.) It seemed fitting to have it meet a kit I got about 12 years ago, 7471 Mars Exploration Rover.

It turns out that, probably by coincidence, both models are roughly to scale. Pixar has apparently confirmed that WALL-E is notionally about a metre tall, whilst Spirit/Opportunity are about 1.5m to the top of their mast cameras. Unfortunately our dining room display cabinet isn't quite big enough to have them next to one another.

WALL-E & Rover.jpg

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nwhyte @ 8:00am: Links I found interesting for 30-11-2015

29th November 2015

kevin_standlee @ 9:12pm: The Road to SMOFCon, Day 3: Williams AZ to Albuquerque NM
Today's route of travel was a mere 361 miles according to Google Maps, and we got away from Williams an hour earlier than planned, despite the passenger door continuing to balk at unlocking in the cold.

Following Historic Route 66Collapse )

Before leaving Williams, though, we made a brief stop at the Grand Canyon Railway.

A few shots of the GCRCollapse )

After taking the train pictures, we got onto I-40 and headed east, with our usual stops at least once an hour or two. I drove us to Winslow, where we sought out the Standin' on the Corner Park based on the song "Take it Easy."

It"s a Bear, my Lord, on a Bright Red FordCollapse )

Click through any of the photos above for more shots of the park. We did indeed spend some money traveling through Winslow, so the park did have some of its intended purpose. Lisa drove from Winslow to Gallup, allowing me to take a few pictures of interesting scenery as we passed through Northern Arizona.

I-40 and Geology... and Dill Pickles... and Drill BitsCollapse )

Around 4:30 PM, as the light was fading but before the sun actually set, we arrived at the Hyatt Place Hotel Albuquerque Airport. We'll be here for two nights, cashing in Starwood points that I earned mostly from Westercon 58, clear back in 2005 in Calgary, from hotel stays during the planning of the event and during the convention itself. I don't recall ever using the points on any Starwood property before, except for a planned stay on the way home from Nippon 2007 that we canceled (and recovered the points), and I'm sort of lucky to even have the points recovered and usable at a time and place that's valuable for me.

Our Mini-SuiteCollapse )

After we got our luggage moved in for our two-night stay here, we headed over to the Waffle House for dinner. Low tastes, I know, but we like Waffle House. We then did a small drive around parts of Albuquerque that Lisa knew well from her college days here.

Tomorrow, I work remotely from here while Lisa goes and visits friends.
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rfmcdpei @ 10:39pm: [VIDEO] You Spin Me Round at Honest Ed's
Touring Toronto with my visiting parents today, in the basement of Honest Ed's I came across Jessar's Disco Spinlite in action, a sphere 15 centimetres in diameter and using a 25 watt bulb, UPC 6211396706320.

"You spin me round" #toronto #honesteds #disco #spinlite

I also took a video of it, playing below now on automatic loop for full effect.

seanan_mcguire @ 5:26pm: Hogswatch is approaching! What does this mean for you?
Hello, happy people!

Tuesday (December 1st) will be the first of the Thirteen Days of Hogswatch, my now-annual "Seanan gives things away for thirteen days because why not" celebration, and I just wanted to issue a few quick reminders. Namely...

1. Each giveaway will have its own rules. Some will be US-only. (Most will honestly be US-only, because I can't afford to pay international postage at this time. More about this to come.) Others will say things like "your comment must include the word 'banana' to be considered a valid entry." Failure to precisely follow the rules of a giveaway will mean you cannot win. There is no wiggle room here, at all. This is partially for my sanity, and partially because when I give things away, the free stuff blogs tend to signal boost, and insisting that the rules be followed means that there's enough of a barrier to entry that I can be reasonably sure things are going to people who actually want them.

2. No, you do not need to follow this blog to win. That being said, each entry will say something like "the winners will be posted at X time, and will have until Y to contact me." Every time I do a giveaway, I have folks contacting me days after the stated time, wanting to know if they can still claim their prizes. I fully understand that life happens—I've been the late one before—but the timelines are firm. So if you don't follow this blog normally, I recommend checking in daily until all Hogswatch giveaways are over.

3. In the instances where I am willing to deal with the cost and complication of international shipping, I may say "you must pay postage to receive your prize." If you'd like to volunteer to pay international postage for a giveaway winner, please comment on that day's giveaway to indicate this. Make sure it's a first-level comment, and not a reply to a specific person. (If you're only willing to pay for a specific person, tell them in private, and y'all can work it out without me.)

4. All prizes have already been selected by me, but I will not be revealing them until the day that their drawing begins.

5. You can enter all thirteen days if you want to.

And that is all. First entry goes up Tuesday!
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james_nicoll @ 5:29pm: weird
Teaming the barely-in-control of his powers blaster with a dream-girl who wants to help humanity get back in touch with their primal fears seems to be veering towards super-villainy faster than I expected.

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andrewducker @ 9:58pm: Amazon Prime Air actually seems to be a real thing that's really going to happen

We'd probably need a bigger garden though.

More (with FAQ)

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coyotegoth @ 11:20am: Now added to my list of things lost in the move: since Jabberwocky, I've seen every Terry Gilliam movie except Zero Theorem in a theater, in initial release. This isn't an unprecedented record- Spike Jonze and his four features come to mind- but Gilliam was always personal to me: first hearing about Monty Python from Steve Kocan, a guy I knew peripherally in high school who later passed away; Brazil, the night before the PSATs; seeing Brothers Grimm with a friend, the night before we heard about Katrina and New Orleans. Since Brazil, I'd been collecting ticket stubs for viewings of his films: I went on a sustained search for them yesterday, to no effect. One more small piece of my heart left in New York City, I suppose.
mdlbear @ 10:29am: Done last week (20151122Su - 28Sa)

Rough week physically, so-so mentally. As for the physical, I can do no better than to quote from Tuesday's notes:

Clumsy bear got into a fight with a wet manhole cover and a sidewalk. The manhole cover tripped me and the sidewalk hit me in the face. Lost the fight, but got away quickly enough to escape serious injury. (Slipped, and would probably have recovered except that I tripped over the curb and did a faceplant.)

Hand apparently broke the fall pretty well, but I have some abrasions on knee and forehead, and a fair amount of bruising and a cut on the bridge of my nose. Grump. Ouch. Glasses had their nosepiece bent a little but nothing scratched or broken. Could have been *much* worse.

As it turned out, I had two small breaks in my nose; they showed up on the CAT scan. At this point everything but the nose and the abrasion on my knee have stopped hurting even a little. I got off easy.

Mentally, my current meds appear to be doing their job. I'm worried about Ticia, though. She hasn't been eating much, and has lost weight since we got her. (She was overweight, but still; I don't like it.) She is also still getting into fights with the other cats. On the other hand, she's also endearingly cuddly, especially with me.

The other biggish news is that we got the HELOC to cover the overrun on the remodel. Colleen and I went and signed for it yesterday. Of course, it makes me worry more about finances.

I've done a little practicing; need to do more, especially on the stuff I'm likely to be playing at and around Mom's birthday party.

Lots of links, as usual.

raw notes, with linksCollapse )

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frostfox @ 5:43pm: 12 miles along the canal
Not quite to Middlewich, 2hrs out, 2hrs back, didn't bother with pub lunch, had bread and cheese when I got home. Rain held off but it's very windy indeed and it was extremely muddy and somewhat slippy underfoot.
Tided the house, had a bath, Guy Martin is reconstructing a Vulcan at 19.30, sounds like my kind of TV.
Max is sulking because he mithered for food early, now I won't feed him again. Starved, starved I tell you.

Sandy Toksvig and The Weathergirls, 'It's Raining Men' on Desert Island Discs this morning. Life is good.

browngirl @ 12:37pm: Candy on a base of candy with some candy to garnish
Last night E and I made some chocolate bark. I let her pick the first combo, which was M&Ms, butterscotch chips, nonpareils, and lots of rainbow sprinkles. (She generously decided against pink strawberry because then her mom wouldn't've been able to eat any).

We also made smore's (which needs a drizzle of chocolate to dress it up as the surface is wall to wall marshmallows and graham pieces) and cranberry pepita (which E disapproved of hilariously). I think I might make butter crunch bark, since I have rice krispies and want an excuse to use buttery sativa seeds.

I'm glad I asked. Making bark was a good idea. E really enjoyed it.
rfmcdpei @ 11:41am: [PHOTO] Sunday morning selfie
Sunday morning selfie #me #selfie #bathroom

Good morning.
nwhyte @ 4:35pm: November books
33Collapse )
james_nicoll @ 10:24am: The Ballad of Beta-2 and Empire Star by Samuel R. Delany

The Ballad of Beta-2 and Empire Star by Samuel R. Delany

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yendi @ 9:28am: Sunday Amazon Deals: Clothing, gadgets, Calvin and Hobbes, Board Games, more!
One of the Deals of the Day offers 75% off winter jackets and coats. Possibly useful if you're way behind in planning for the season. Another offers huge discounts on Panasonic personal electronics, including headphones, shavers, breadmakers, and more.

The Mr. Coffee SJX23 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is $13.99 (61% off).

The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes is $9.87 (67% off), and you can use the 30% off any book coupon on it, of course (or on something else).

For kids, the new TMNT movie is $4.99 (83% off) on DVD. Ditto The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.

For horror fans, Warm Bodies is $3.74 (63% off) on DVD, and the Blu-Ray combo pack of When a Stranger Calls / Happy Birthday to Me is $5.30 (47% off).

The Spider-Man Trilogy Blu-Ray box set is $9.49 (79% off).

In really underrated movies, Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow is $7.99 (78% off) for a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack. It's one of Tom Cruise's better movies in years, and a really solid action film. Other cheap Blu-Rays: Source Code for $5 (50% off), Evil Dead 2 for $7.00 (53% off), and Inception for $7.50 (50% off).

In board games, King of Tokyo is $19.86 (50% off), while 7 Wonders is $22.40 (55% off). Pandemic is $22.49 (44% off).

And finally, the Amazon Echo is on sale for $149 (17% off, $30 off the regular price), for folks looking for a holiday gadget. There are still deals on most other Amazon devices (Kindle/Fire/etc) that run through tomorrow.
supergee @ 9:00am: Are they trying to tell us something?
Planned Parenthood shooting suspect made comment about “no more baby parts.” Police and media experts continue to wonder about his motivation.
andrewducker @ 1:25pm: Finally caught up with Doctor Who. Loved last night's episode.
I don't think we've ever seen an episode anything like that before, and Capaldi was simply brilliant in it.

And clearly, when Moffat puts the effort into it he can still write amazingly well.

(And put together intricate patterns that all feed into each other.)

I am now dreading him screwing up the finale.

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were_gopher @ 12:13pm: My tweets
feorag @ 12:02pm: My tweets
marypcb @ 12:02pm: My tweets
sbisson @ 12:02pm: My tweets
tamaranth @ 12:01pm: My tweets
kevinwmoor @ 12:01pm: My tweets
las @ 8:00am: My tweets
  • Sat, 15:44: My pet peeve forever: printers that won't let you print in B&W when the color cartridge is low.
andrewducker @ 12:00pm: Interesting Links for 29-11-2015

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supergee @ 6:26am: SF theme
“As long as we’ve been telling stories, we’ve been telling stories about drugs.”
supergee @ 6:17am: God fraud
Why good Christians do bad things
irregular_comic @ 10:11am: Irregular Webcomic! #3443

Comic #3443

Yea wikily*, Excalibur is described as a "magic sword" and as being "attributed with magical powers", but it's not actually clear what magical powers, if indeed any, the sword is supposed to have. There are some vague assertions that the sword shone brightly, and blinded some of Arthur's opponents in battle, and that it possessed sharpness and strength beyond that of normal weapons. But these are not exactly your flaming dragon-slayer type sword with three wishes and the ability to detect treasure and drain life energy levels from your opponents type powers.

Interestingly, Excalibur's scabbard actually seems to be credited with significantly more genuinely magical ability. Depending on the exact version of the stories, the wearer of the scabbard could not die from battle injury, or would not even bleed from wounds at all. That seems just a little more useful than having your sword be shiny and a bit sharper.

* i.e. According to Wikipedia.

coth @ 10:50am: Future of Eastercon - after Novacon
This is written assuming you already know what this is all about. Please see our website for the background:

A questionnaire was open on the website during October 2015. We had 207 responses, about half from people who do not usually attend Eastercon bidding sessions.

We took the results from the Questionnaire and presented them at a programme item at Novacon 45 (Nottingham, 13-15 November 2015). Pat McMurray, the Chair of Mancunicon, chaired the panel, and there were ~77 people in the audience. A spirited debate was had, we got an idea of what to do next, and we took volunteers' names to help with doing it. I'll post in more detail on all of that in due course.

- we have 17 additional volunteers to take discussion forward - thank you everyone! - and more are always welcome
- we were told off for not advertising the questionnaire widely enough, and told to reopen it - so we have done so and the link is open again on the website
- we will post on our website both the presentation we made at Novacon, and the detailed data our thoughts were based on
- we will be meeting on-line to work out how to take the conversation forward

This is a busy time of year for everyone, and we won't be doing very much of this before Xmas. Please bear with us and we'll come back with more in January.

Please tell people the questionnaire is open again, and we're happy for people to print it off for people who can't do it online. We'll put a postal address on the website for this purpose.

Everyone wants Eastercon to continue and thrive. We hope this conversation is helping.

We'd love comments on the website. Thanks for listening.
nwhyte @ 10:44am: Links I found interesting for 29-11-2015
lil_shepherd @ 7:08am: fakesheep-luna does the business to the Civil War Trailer - I can add no more...

(For those of you who don't know - though I daresay all those who read comics do - the reference to 'blowing up a school' comes from the comic book 'Civil War' arc, where the Superhero Registration Act was triggered into operation when a bunch of young superheroes were grandstanding for publicity cameras and ended up blowing up a school in Stanford.)

28th November 2015

kshandra @ 9:37pm: Barnum is dead; long live Bailey.
2015-11-28 11.58.02Bailey is a model year older than Barnum was, with around 5K more miles on the chassis. We ran several other errands after finishing the paperwork, and I sacked out HARD when we got home; the dealer had already taken the Craigslist ad down by the time I got back up, or I would have more pics.

There's an in-dash CD player, so I may not need to install the stereo (in which case I'm sure [personal profile] gridlore will be agitating to have it put into Darby; hopefully it sounds okay without the subwoofer if we go that route). The rear windows are tinted, and there appears to be after-market pinstriping on the sides. (Whether or not it was there when the car first rolled off the lot, it's peeling at the edges now; Doug and I have already discussed whether or not we can find purple stripes to replace it with and make the car just a little more obviously mine.)

We pick the car up on Tuesday; the shop who does the smog certs for the dealer wasn't responding to phone calls, and we were his last sale before he went home for the day - at 1pm. (Holidays, whaddyagonnado?)

Taking that nap had the added benefit of letting me process the post-major-purchase anxiety while I was asleep - my subconscious had just gotten me a cashier gig at McDonald's when I woke up. But I may finally be able to relax now.

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29th November 2015

ext_420944, posting in syn_promo @ 12:28am: Magic Touch - A'mari "DJ MonaLisa"

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28th November 2015

kevin_standlee @ 9:20pm: The Road to SMOFCon, Day 2: Tonopah NV to Williams AZ
Today's travel was Tonopah to Williams, optimistically 426 miles but I find the real-world distance for us to be about 10% more, and the Google Maps travel time projections are nonsense, particularly if you are like me and need to stop at least once an hour for either a bathroom break or a chance to stretch a leg that keeps wanting to cramp up.

Setting Off Into the ColdCollapse )

We went through Las Vegas (approximately the halfway point of today's trip), eventually stopping in Henderson to refuel and buy some take-out food to get us back on the road as fast as possible. I took no photos; I was too busy driving. The same goes for the construction work and signs for the Interstate 11 project.

On to ArizonaCollapse )

We pushed on as fast as we could south to Kingman, but we did take the "scenic route" (Andy Devine Blvd/Old US-66) in Kingman itself on our way to a grocery store we've used before. No pictures this time, but I took some on our last trip through here a few years ago if you're curious.

Stopping for the groceries, we had a slight setback: the minivan's rear door won't open. When I tried to open it, I heard something inside go clunk and now it's stuck shut. This is not a catastrophe, but it's going to make the trip very annoying, as we now have to remove everything via the side door over the middle seats. Lisa says she thinks she can repair it when we get home. This could have been considerably worse, with the door refusing to close, for example, or us carrying our "big tech" gear for Match Game SF. As it stands now, it's just an inconvenience.

By now the sun was heading for the horizon, and we were heading away from the sun as we set forth east on I-40 as fast as we could legally go, which is 75 miles per hour. We made excellent time, but I was getting pretty worn by now and really wanting to get to Williams. On the way to the hotel, we saw that downtown Williams is full of winter fun with the streets closed off, but by the time we got to the hotel (6:30 PM MT), we were too tired to do anything but order in pizza and collapse.

My scheduling software did not take into account the fact that Arizona is on Mountain Time. I'm glad we got going as early as we did this morning, as this partially counteracted that scheduling error. We took about ten hours to make more than 425 miles, and that's probably the best average we can manage given the number of stops we usually make. While this is the longest leg of our outbound trip (we have 360 miles planned to Albuquerque tomorrow), the return trip has a couple of even longer segments because of having slightly less time to get home and a planned two-day stay in Las Vegas. I think I'm glad we have two nights planned at Albuquerque.
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james_nicoll @ 10:51pm: Ian Sales' 10 things I learnt writing space opera
I sense ... dissatisfaction

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james_nicoll @ 10:38pm: Natalie Luhrs' Conflation of Review and Critique, or How to Annoy Me

I’m at a convention this weekend. It’s a nice little convention and they have a better Code of Conduct and accessibility policy than World Fantasy did, despite being a fraction of the size of World Fantasy. Imagine that.

But that’s not what I’m here for.

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holyoutlaw @ 6:56pm: November Work Party at North Beach Park

The weather was crisp, with frost riming the grass and leaves in the park. Good work kept us warm, though, and the sun shone through the thinning canopy to help.

Thirteen people were Friends of North Beach Park Saturday, ranging in age from 8 to 80 and from completely new participants to those who have been to every work party (a better record than I have, in fact).

The main goal of the day was to install plants. Some areas had been cleared by volunteers, and other areas had been cleared… by trees falling. In fact, in the last week and a half, two trees have fallen in North Beach Park, an alder and a big leaf maple.

This picture shows two fallen alder trees. The more recent one is in the center of the picture.

Two fallen alder trees. The more recent one is in the center of the picture.

This picture looks along the fallen maple trunk, from the root ball towards the crown.

Looking along the fallen maple trunk, from the root ball towards the crown. In the foreground are two replacement trees, a big leaf maple and a grand fir.

A fallen tree is an important part of the forest ecosystem, and the deciduous trees in North Beach Park are at the end of their life spans. The problem is that there aren’t enough young trees to take over the canopy. North Beach Park is lucky in that we do have younger deciduous and coniferous trees (ranging from saplings up to mid-canopy), but if we hadn’t started restoring it, the forest would be in serious danger. The canopy gaps create light cones to the forest floor; in a healthy forest, this would create a great burst of energy for the next generation of trees. However, in an urban forest, the danger is that the invasive plants will really take over.

The forest floor of North Beach Park is in better shape than it was when we started. There are nearly two thousand plants installed, ranging from trees to groundcover. These will benefit from the new light from the canopy gap, and the nutrients put into the soil by the decaying wood.

Today, in fact, we planted two trees at the base of the new falls and some falls from last year: a big leaf maple (Acer macrophyllum) and a grand fir (Abies grandis). This combination went into at least three places. We also planted a number of shrubs, groundcover, and wetland plants, including several that are underrepresented or were nonexistent in the park before restoration.

In all, we planted nearly two hundred plants. The table below lists what we planted.

  Genus Species   Common Name
Abies grandis grand fir
Acer macrophyllum bigleaf maple
Amelanchier alnifolia serviceberry
Asarum caudatum wild ginger
Dicentra formosa Pacific bleeding heart
Gaultheria shallon salal
Juncus acuminatus tapertip rush
Mahonia nervosa low Oregon-grape
Myrica californica Pacific wax myrtle
Petasites frigidus coltsfoot
Prunus emarginata var. mollis bitter cherry
Tiarella trifoliata threeleaf foamflower
Nicole, Morry, Julie, Kirstie, and Lina (with Jesse nearby) work in the Central Valley. Can you find them all?

Nicole, Morry, Julie, Kirstie, and Lina (with Jesse nearby) work in the Central Valley. Can you find them all?

Jesse found a bug!

Jesse found a bug!

The stalwart crew!

The stalwart crew!

Our next workparty will be January 23, 2016. We’ll be doing a lot of planting then, too, if you want to join us.

Mirrored from Nature Intrudes. Please comment over there.

29th November 2015

bart_calendar @ 2:18am: James Deen Raped Stoya

Check out this tweet from Saturday night.

"James Deen held me down and fucked me while I said no, stop, used my safeword. I just can't nod and smile when people bring him up anymore."

I can't imagine how hard it must be in our culture for a female porn star to admit she was raped by a very popular commercial figure.

I also can't imagine how the media will treat her.


28th November 2015

rfmcdpei @ 5:35pm: [FORUM] Are decaying infrastructures a problem where you live?
This afternoon's post about the sinkhole on Yonge above College made me curious. In Canada, as elsewhere in the world, decades of underinvestment in infrastructure--roads, bridges, power, sewerage--has led to slow-motion decline, even collapse. Is this the place in your part of the world? How bad is it?

james_nicoll @ 3:59pm: Weird
Stroking my beard is villainous and stroking my cats is villainous but stroking my beard with my cat isn't.

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james_nicoll @ 3:42pm: I have days like this

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rfmcdpei @ 3:06pm: [PHOTO] Sinkhole at Yonge above College, Toronto, closed for repairs
Closed for repairs #toronto #yongestreet #collegestreet #sinkhole

The sinkhole that opened up earlier this week on Yonge Street above College is still being repaired today, as it was being repaired yesterday when I took these photos.

Sinkhole, guarded #toronto #yongestreet #collegestreet #sinkhole
frostfox @ 7:18pm: So, what did we do today?
Well, Thursday evening was a trip to my best friend's place to supply turkey soup and fresh bread to her and her family as her husband had been released from hospital.
Friday I drove to Mum's and took her shopping at TX Maxx and a couple of other shops, which made her deliriously happy (she loves shopping).
Today I picked up purplemermaid and we met up with asphodeline and johnrw for second breakfast. We went round the many and various charity shops of Northwich and I bought a rather mad purple hat and a copy of Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things. The Plan for the afternoon was to go for a walk but the weather was so vile, we just drove to Alderley Edge and called in at best friend Annie's charity shop, then went for tea and cake and came home.
Still raining and windy out there, fit for neither man nor beast.
Tomorrow, I fancy a bit of a walk, may go along the canal to Middlewich and back? Rain be buggered, I'll put the waterproofs on.

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