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  • Thu, 12:34: Umbrella blew completely inside out in Victoria, snapping a couple of its ribs. Not the only victim, several in the bin I dumped it in...
  • Thu, 12:46: Using a Lumia 920 on Orange or T-Mobile post-Portico? Remember to turn off 4G support to keep from losing signal as you change cell.
  • Thu, 14:00: Staying at home writing articles and checking page proofs rather than being at @monkigras :-(
  • Thu, 14:33: @mbrit A metric PIXI LOT. HTH. @charlesarthur
  • Thu, 14:40: How not to do social media. HMV fires its marketing team, forgets to shut down the corporate Twitter account, which live tweets being fired.
  • Thu, 15:04: Hefty update for the TouchDown RT beta now available. Goes to Now more Modern.
  • Thu, 15:05: Hefty update for the TouchDown RT beta now available. Goes to Now more Modern.
  • Thu, 17:09: Bentham, The Cat Of Marginal Utility, salutes the world! http://t.co/ZfON1C5v
  • Thu, 18:31: I see the CEA has announced that the DISH Hopper is now co-winner of Best of CES 2013.
  • Thu, 18:32: "CEA also announced that it will soon issue a request for proposal (RFP) to identify a new partner to run the Best of CES awards program."
  • Thu, 18:48: Confused by one thing in the CEA release. The "Tiffany" network? Glass, diamonds or breakfast?
  • Thu, 18:50: So, bets on it being a fight between The Verge and Engadget for the Best Of CES Awards? Or is TechRadar a dark horse?
  • Thu, 20:45: Interesting. Wordament Web Beta (ignore the US only, working just fine here in London!) http://t.co/hpL4l13F
  • Thu, 21:15: RT @awintory: I may never post another cat gif because this is I think possibly the best of all time: http://t.co/gim5o9Bf
  • Thu, 21:17: OK, confession time. I prefer Marillion's cover of Fake Plastic Trees to the original Radiohead.
  • Thu, 21:27: RT @MattRosoff: A portion of my daughter's field trip to City Hall was just canceled because of nude protesters. #OnlyInSF
  • Thu, 21:37: I think we all need to ride on the Tube/BART/MEtro/etc at rush hour to get a feel for what devices people outside the tech bubble are using.
  • Thu, 21:48: Flying @britishairways long haul for the first time for ages this weekend. I wonder if they've got any better since I last flew them...
  • Thu, 22:01: RT @drewb: Man Spends 7 Years Drawing Incredibly Intricate Maze http://t.co/WXeyVTVn
  • Thu, 22:02: Am I the only one who spent afternoons wandering beaches as a child hoping to find some ambergris washed up?


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